Friday, December 5, 2008

More Pictures

I got a few pictures that I wanted to share with everyone. I should have taken more...we had such a great night!!

I got a picture of our "sisters" and our "mom and daughter" I think these are the only blood relations in the group, right??

Christmas Book Club Dinner

We had our annual Christmas Dinner and Book Exchange last night. Cora hosted this year and she did a great job. Everybody brought really great food from chicken kiev to creamed corn, Julie's Yams, Chocolate Torte and many other yummy dishes. Each year we bring a wrapped book and do a gift exchange which gets pretty funny and crazy sometimes. Next month it is off to Barnes and Noble for book club!
Cathryn, Machelle, and Cindi
Stacy, Melanie, and Tandy
A sample of the fixins!

Angela will soon post more pictures so that you all can see everyone else.

Novembers Pick

The Last Lecture
Cora picked this book for November. We discussed it briefly at our Christmas party and the majority really liked this book.