Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Book Club Party!

Our Christmas party started this year with a bang of information right from the get go. So lets see......someone had a run in with some plastic, someone is pregnant & maybe with twins, someone else is going to be a grandma, and sadly someone else' dad had a heart attack the night before and was in ICU. Yes this is the kind of information book club is full of, but don't forget we also discuss the book which was "Gifted Hands" by Ben Carson. I would dare say all that were able to read it seemed to enjoy the book with a few of us thinking he had a bit of an ego. But all in all good life lessons to be learned from this book. Candace hosted and lets just say she has quite the knack for decorating and everything was just lovely. Bless your little heart Candace!
Stacy, Melanie, Liz, Kirsten, & Machelle

Angela, Tandy, and Kathryn

Angela & Kirsten
Candace our host and Cora

Julie, Machelle, and Kathryn

See just lovely...I wish I had taken pictures before dinner so you could see the whole spread

Every year we do a book exchange & it can get pretty competitive but yea! we were so excited this year that Liz stole a book from someone. Sad but true we now have an entire year to wait for our next Christmas party however we did decide to do another book exchange in July. Merry Christmas & Happy Reading!