Friday, February 6, 2009

March's Pick

The Alchemist

3 cups of tea discussion

We all met for book club last night and discussed 3 cups of tea.  We all agreed that the book was a little to wordy and could have been written better but we also agreed that it was a worth while read and we all learned so much.  We discussed whether we thought that school's in Pakistan and other countries would help with terrorism and if that alone could stop it.  We also discussed the role religion plays in these countries and how do we think that the gospel of Jesus Christ will be spread eventually in these countries.  Candace told us of a very touching experience she has been going through lately and it gave us all a lot to think about.  Melanie was a great hostess and made a yummy layered oreo cake dessert.  Next month we will meet at Spark in Provo for appetizers and drinks to discuss Stacy's pick.  We all can't wait!