Friday, January 9, 2009

While you're down there...

We had our January Book Club at Borders last night. There were several people that weren't able to make it tonight but we managed to have a great time, especially searching through the "bargain" books. Adorable "pop-up" books for $5 you just can't beat that!! We roamed around looking for new books to purchase but mostly just chatted.
We sat down at the cafe with our steamed milk or hot chocolate and yummy desserts and had a very wonderful conversation.

We had some really inquisitive and thought provoking questions asked by Julie and we heard some "juicy gossip" from Liz (of all people). We had several hilarious stories told by various people, one of which is how I got the title for the post but if you weren't there you missed out!!!
We also shared different parenting tips and I was grateful for Julie's idea about what to do with fighting kids. She said that when her kids were fighting she would make them sit down and write 10 things that they like about each other. I have never thought of that but I hope my kids will get in a big fight soon so I can try it out!!
Melanie also revealed several bargain tips on Amazon and discovered that Walmart sells furniture...who would have guessed that you could buy a couch at Walmart (I should have known, you can get anything at Walmart)!!

The wait is finally over and our next book was revealed.

Can't wait to see everyone next month at Melanie's house to discuss it!! I hope everyone will be there, we missed you all!