Saturday, October 23, 2010

Liz's Pick - October

Liz picked "Never Let Me Go" by Kazuo Ishiguro. And wow, for a book that that nobody seemed to like, did this book have a lot to discuss. We all giggled as Liz explained last month she didn't like to read about s*x in books. Well did this book have a lot of s*x (he he he). We loved getting an email with her apologies and how this book has troubled her soul, oh sweet sweet Liz, we love you!

Liz did have a great discovery. She was trying to find out what she could learn from this book and having read other books by Mr. Ishiguro, she knows he writes novels to make you think. Well, most people questioned "why don't these people just leave the boarding school and not blindly accept their fate?" So Liz's question was, "What are the things in our lives we just do without questioning why we do them? Why do we just accept the standard path in life and not just do what we want?" Good point Liz!!!

Cora commented, why do we go through life doing all the typical things? School, college, marriage, kids? Why is that the norm and the guys who decide to hike their lives through Alaska are considered weird? Interesting...

Candace: "I just felt like from the first page, this book sucked out my soul" (Love you Candace)

Ok, so onto the highlight of the night! Liz broke out Just Dance on the Wii and oh, how we got our groove on!!!

Liz and Melanie got us started! Go Girls!!!
Julie and Candace danced their hearts out!
Stacy and Melanie got their cow-girl on with Cotton Eye Joe!
Don't you just love they're all out of focus cause we were movin'!

We also got to snuggle with Liz's twins! They're so sweet!

Well next Month, Melanie picked the biography of President Thomas S. Monson.
Great pick Mel!!!