Monday, March 9, 2009

April's Pick

Here is the book we are reading this month!!

This was Tandy's pick.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Stacy decided that rather than meeting at her house this month for the book discussion that we should "go out." She picked a new restaurant/lounge in Provo called SPARK. The place was incredible, it was really modern and unique and we all really enjoyed ourselves.
Here is a group picture of everyone that came, we missed Tandy and Kathryn and Emily this time. We had the "loft" to ourselves and it was perfect. After we ordered drinks we discussed the book which everyone really loved and got alot out of.

Here are some of the pictures I took of the appetizers and drinks that we ordered. The food was beautiful and the presentation was fabulous. We were all very impressed with the menu and thought we might be a little bit out of our league.
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We had a few orders of the "dueling edamame" which was soy beans that were awesome. One bowl was cold and had a Hawaiian lemon salt mixture on it and then there was a bowl of warm ones with bacon and salt on them. You just suck the beans out of the pod and it was something I have never tried before but I loved it. We also had "pommes fries" and they were delicious too. They were rosemary potato fries and there were 2 dips a garlic one and a blue cheese one...both really yummy.

We tried an assortment of drinks...the Shirley Temple was a favorite, along with the Mango Mojito and the Blueberry pop. The Ox Blood was good too but the Hot and Cold was a big disappointment. It sounded really cool, chilled Coke top/warm lime bottom but it didn't taste that good!!
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Now on to the desserts...oh my goodness they were scrumptious!!! We tried the Roasted Pineapple, Warm Chocolate Pudding and the Cream of Hazelnut Soup. They really were all three so good but I think the favorite was the chocolate pudding.

We had so much fun and I think that maybe all the great food had a weird reaction with Julie because she was CRAZY all night!!!

It started out with her ripping up a napkin and being "The Phantom of the Opera." I must have missed something because I have NO IDEA why she did this. She even sang a little bit too, then she was laughing so hard that she started to cry and needed the napkin to wipe her eyes.
Needless to say, we all laughed ourselves silly.

Then a little later she got up and put on a show for us...Candace joined her and they were really having a great time.
We laughed so hard and I was just taking pictures like crazy trying to keep up with them...luckily I got a great one of the "booty slap," that was the most hilarious part of the night!!
Thanks so much ladies for the entertainment, I feel like they should charge a cover for their performances!!
Can't wait for next month...and Julie you better be thinking of ways to entertain us because you are TOO FUNNY!!!