Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Machelle's Pick

Drum roll please..................

Wings (Wings, #1)

Julie's Pick

Cutting for Stone

We had a great night at Julie's discussing this book. This was one of those nights where we really spent the majority of the night chattering about every aspect of this book. We decided the book started a little slow but grew really intense especially near the very end. Julie hadn't read the book but was relieved that we all seemed to enjoy it. There were a couple of risque bits in it but it was really written well. Julie served us up turtle, Oreo, or key lime pie and it was delicious! Updates were Liz had her twins & now Cindi is on bed rest with her twins and Kathryn's son is going on an LDS mission. We missed Liz, Kristen and Melanie. Thanks Julie for a fun night as usual!