Monday, December 13, 2010

December Christmas Party!!!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

This year our annual Christmas Dinner Party was held at Tandy's. What a beautiful home and the perfect setting for our yummy dinner and book exchange.
The beautiful table is set...
The preparations are underway...
Bring on the food!!!
Because the chatter does matter! Love you ladies!
We had an adorable reenactment of Julie and Candace's shopping trip and made a note of Candace's "luck" while shopping... but she was definitely missed for the party.
The book exchange was very fun. I hope everyone got what they wanted and enjoyed the "stealing" and fighting over the books. Definitely a favorite tradition of Chatter Matters.

We are planning our field trip to Barnes and Noble in January for hot chocolate and treats and hours of book browsing. Not quite sure on the time, but we'll let you know!

Merry Christmas to all you amazing women! You are all truly examples of love, charity and friendship. I can't imagine our book club without every single one of you.
Love you all!


Julie said...

Thank you for putting this together, Cindi! Beautifully done!

Ace said...

Oh dear!

I am so ashamed. I hope my mother didn't do her usual "story-embellishing" of the shopping day from hell. Because my bad behavior that day was awful enough all by itself.

Missed you all so so much! Thanks for posting the beautiful pics for me to enjoy.

Merry Christmas and love to you all~