Friday, February 11, 2011

February's Pic - Candace

What a fun, amazing, inspirational book club we had last night. Thank you Candace for this pick which definitely sparked a lot of discussion and drew out of a lot of different insights. In this book, a man who lost his daughter is invited back to the place of her murder to meet with God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost and to learn and grow and ultimately understand the plan. There were a lot of "different" ideas that us members of the Church believe, but there were definitely tender moments when you felt the love of our Heavenly Father and the love from his Son's sacrifice.

Cora: She loved that this book portrayed God as a Loving Father, not a negative hurtful being.
Liz: She liked the sweet moments, but couldn't get passed the "weird", there were definitely those in there!
Machelle: Truly pondered her relationship with her Father and it made her think about her own life.
Stacy: Loved that this book made her think and loves when a book can draw the best parts of you out.

We all ooed and awed at Candace's beautiful home and thoroughly enjoyed her apple cream cheese crumble with ice cream and caramel. Yum, yum! (again, please forward the recipe so we can secretly enjoy this whenever we want.)

We also heard about Julie's trip to Florida and laughed and cried with her over the unbelievable events that took place. Julie, you are such a trooper and example to us. Thanks for sharing!

We also had a beautiful discussion about the girls' stake conference and shared those special moments and testimonies. What a truly special collection of women we are. Love you all!

Next month:
By Cora: How Green Was My Valley
by: Richard Llewellyn
Boring or not ;) can't wait to start a new book!


Julie said...


What a great entry, and I hope you know how loved you are by each and every one of us! You're delightful and such an asset to the Chatter Matter's group! We're definitely blessed to have you as our friend and sister!

Liz said...

Cindi, you are a doll! Your post was delightful and made me laugh! Thanks for all the blogging you do for us!