Sunday, March 13, 2011

March's Pick - Cora

Even though we had a few people absent, who were terribly missed, we had a great night. Cora's pick of "How Green was My Valley" was the narrative story of a boy growing up in a coal mining town in Wales in the late 1800's. It was a darling story of a boy and his amazing perspective watching his family struggle, recover, grow and learn.

Cora: She explained that sadly, the conditions the coal miners worked in then are the same today and haven't changed. The owners keep the workers uneducated so they will continue to work for low wages and not leave.
Angela: Didn't like the ending, she wanted to know what happened.
Everyone: Wanted to know what happened to Bron!

Cora hosted a wonderful evening, serving gourmet cupcakes she ordered in and we had great conversation late into the evening. Always a great time when the Chatter Matters ladies get together! Thanks Cora!!

Next month: Kathryn

by Allie Condie

Kathryn said it should be a light read after a few heavy ones.
Looking forward to a great read for spring!
Hope to see you all next month!

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